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1.1 Competition rules:     

Date: February 23rd, 2020 in Havana, Cuba will be the 6th edition of the Havana Triathlon.

Official event of the calendar of the International Triathlon Union (ITU).

Sunday, February 23rd:

*PATCO Middle Distance Triathlon Iberoamerican Championships

*Sprint and Middle Distance Popular Triathlon

*PATCO Triathlon Panamerican Cup.

Competition rules:

The Triathlon Havana is held by the rules of the International Triathlon Union. (ITU).


Below you will find everything you need to know to participate in the 6th edition of the 2020 Havana Triathlon.

We are waiting for you in Cuba!

José Carrasco. Organizer and Director of the Havana Triathlon.



  1. To register, you must fill out the registration form on the REGISTRATION tab.

All athletes who, federated or not, can register in the form established by the organization may participate in the Triathlon. It is also important to know if it is your first Triathlon and to review it.

  1. At the time you register on the website, you must accept the “Disclaimer and risk assumption”. It will be delivered in Havana the WAIVER, which must be signed by each athlete who will participate in the event.
  2. Each participant takes part in the Triathlon individually, under his responsibility and having a level of physical condition and sufficient technical mastery to face them and reach the end of each segment within the cut times marked by the organization. Accepting the conditions of the organization and the test, exempts the organization from any physical problem of each participant without having notified the same one.
  3. Entries are limited to 1100 TRIATHLETES, with an enrollment fee that varies according to the modality in which you are going to participate. (See section DATA OF INTEREST).
  4. The participants will attest to knowing and respecting the rules of the competition, the regulations of the ITU, as well as knowing the route of each segment.
  5. The delivery of riders will be made in the two days prior to the test in the Hotel assigned by the organization and information will be given in advance to all participants. IMPORTANT: The day of the test will not be given.
  6. It is IMPERATIVE to present the PASSPORT or an official document that proves your identity, to access the transition area. No entry will be allowed without presenting this document or any other official document accrediting.
  7. When delivering the bicycle the day before the test, it must be accepted by the entry control in the transition area by the officers and the organization of the event in accordance with ITU rules. Athletes will not be able to deposit any object on the ground next to their bicycle. Later you will be informed of the specific time for each range of ridge.
  8. The medical team of the organization shall have the power to withdraw any participant when it considers that their health is in danger.
  9. In the event of inclement weather or major cause that makes it impossible to carry out the test according to the program planned with all of its segments, the organization carries out another alternative test according to the organization of the test. This new alternative test will distribute by the prizes provided for the different classifications and in any case will be posponed to another date or will be made refund of any import.

10.The first 3 male and female athletes to arrive at the finish line will receive medals. The first 3 of each age group will also have their medal.

  1. The organization in accordance with ITU regulations reserves the right to change the itinerary and neutralize all or part of the test and unforeseen circumstances so require.
  2. The organization in accordance with ITU regulations, reserves the right to modify any kind of regulations for the improvement of the test before the execution of the same on February 23rd, 2020.


*PATCO Middle Distance Triathlon Iberoamerican Championships

*Sprint and Middle Distance Popular Triathlon.

*PATCO Triathlon Panamerican Cup.


  1. All participants must go through the official point of call camera as time limit 15 minutes before theirdeparture, the first exit will be at Marina Hemingway at 7:00 am.
  2. The opening and closing times for entry to the transition area, body marking and triathletes will be strictly adhered to. Those triathletes who do not pass the control, arrive late and do not comply with those times, will not be able to take the exit.
  3. The swimming test starts at 7.00 in the morning and the closing of control of each exit will be at 2 hours and 20 minutes. Those who remain in the water at that time will not be able to continue in the event.


  1. The use of neoprene suits is allowed according to ITU standards, due to the temperature in Cuba at that time it is possible that the neoprene suit cannot be used.
  2. It is mandatory to wear the swimming cap provided by the organization of the test with the number clearly visible on them. The use of swimming goggles is recommended.
  3. Triathletes who do not follow the official route will be disqualified.
  4. When leaving the water, all triathletes must pass through the control transition zone.


  1. Each Triathlete should wear his or her dorsal well visible to the back. It is forbidden to make any modification of the ridge.
  2. Each triathlete will receive a bicycle-specific label with the race envelope, which must be placed on the structure or on the saddle with its competitor number. The envelope also contains three smaller labels with the number of dorsal and that should be glued on the front of the helmet and on both sides of it. It is the triathlete’s responsibility to place all these stickers.
  3. The use of the rigid helmet is mandatory, in accordance with the ITU and Organization standards.
  4. Any unusual equipment will be subject to inspection and validation by the officers and the organization.
  5. Triathletes should always ride on the right side of the road.
  6. It is totally forbidden to go to the wheel (no drafting).
  7. The triathletes must roll independently maintaining a distance of 10 meters with the rest of runners.


* Transition from swimming to bicycle

  1. It is forbidden to throw on the beach the wetsuits and swimming cap.
  2. In the bag collection area, triathletes should take their own.
  3. It is forbidden to take off or wear clothes on the beach (must be done in the changing room). Triathletes can take off their neoprene suit for showering. It is forbidden to undress outside the dressing room and is a reason for disqualification.
  4. Triathletes must leave their swimming garments in the bag designated for the bicycle, making sure that it is properly closed, before depositing it in the area indicated for it.

*Bicycle transition area

  1. It is forbidden to jump or cross the bicycle stands during the transition.
  2. The helmet must be fitted and fastened before moving the bike from the bracket.
  3. It is forbidden to place objects on the floor next to the bicycle.
  4. Cycling is not allowed in the transition area. This will be sanctioned with a stop and go. The athlete must push his / her bicycle to the exit of the transition area before getting into it.
  5. During the delivery of bicycles athletes can leave their shoes on the bicycle.

* Transition of the bicycle to the race

  1. At the entrance to the transition, the athlete must get off the bike and continue walking to the designated area with his number in the transition area to leave the bicycle.
  2. To ensure registration of part time, the triathlete must pass the mat located for that control next to the transition area.
  3. Each triathlete should collect his own bag in the collection area, where there will be no volunteers.
  4. The triathlete must put all his / her bike clothes in the race bag (indicated as “run”) and ensure that it is properly closed before delivering it to the designated area.

* Career / External Aid

  1. Each triathlete must wear his or her dorsal line clearly visible on the chest, it is forbidden to make any changes in the number.
  2. The external support understood like shouts of humor is allowed with the following exceptions: the use of electronic devices or of amplification is prohibited; The support that accompanies or advance the triathlete (by a vehicle, bicycle, skates, running, etc.) is not allowed. Only support is allowed from the side, without entering the circuit and without moving next to the athlete; It is forbidden to provide the athlete with any object, food or drink.
  3. Triathletes can not accept being accompanied or that set the pace for them from a vehicle or a race. This includes any follow up attempt.
  4. In the race there are no food bags; However there will be a designated area 50 meters after the first food station where the person in charge of delivering his personal food bag can travel a few steps next to the triathlete until his reception. The triathlete is responsible for organizing this personal bag collection.
  5. Triathletes must follow all instructions given to them by career officials.
  6. Runners must always march on the right side without crossing at any point the cones that separate the two tracks from the circuit.
  7. The time of the closing of control of the race and of the test in its totality is to the 24.00 hours.

Penalties and Disqualification. 

Penalty Cards

  1. Officials may use yellow and red cards.

*Red card (immediate disqualification): clearly unsportsmanlike behavior; Inappropriate attitude towards career officers; Not to accept the rules or indications; Rupture of the dorsal without possibility of being repaired or changed; Use a shortcut without possibility of returning to the point of the official route; Receive help or technical assistance from others; Not respecting the traffic code.

*Warning (warning or “to and fro”): poor position at the exit; Wearing compression socks in swimming; Cycling in the transition area; Wear the helmet without buckling in the transition area; Be accompanied by another person in the transition area; Badly depositing the bicycle and / or equipment in the transition area; Urinating from the bicycle or in the transition areas outside the portable toilets; Obstruct or cut the passage; Cross the line mounted on the bicycle to the entrance of the bicycle / marathon transition area; Leaving the transition zone on foot without wearing a helmet; Be accompanied / followed by a third person (on motorcycle, bicycle, walking, etc.); Use a shortcut with the possibility of returning to the official point of the route; Picking food out of food points; Running with the naked torso; Be devoid of dorsal or wear it defective; Bring the dorsal out of its place; Wear inappropriate equipment; Wearing inappropriate clothing; Bear a distinctive mark; Use MP3, mobile or radio.

*Yellow card (penalty for time): Penalty of application for cycling, the athlete must stop for 5 minutes in the next penalty box after receiving the penalty.

*The triathlete is responsible for appearing at the next penalty point and informing the card received. Failureto do so willautomatically be disqualified.

*If a triathlete receives a time penalty during the race, the “stop and go” rule will apply. This means that the official will ask the athlete to stop completely, then he will notify him of the infraction committed and enter his dorsal number. Afterthattheathlete can resume therace.

*In the race there will be 2 penalty positions to be designated and the athletes will know in advance.

Disqualifications: All disqualifications will be announced in an information panel in the goal area.



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