* The awards ceremony will take place at the end of each distance in the Hotel Nacional-

*All the prizes will be in works of art managed by the José Martí Cultural Society.

The PATCO Panamerican Cup will have the prizes established by the ITU regulation.

*** The athletes who can not collect their prize during the awards ceremony of their distance, may do so later in the Cuban Triathlon Federation.

* The organization is not responsible for sending trophies or prizes to their homes.

In the edition of 2015 were present outstanding artists: Alexis Leyva “Kcho”, Ernesto Rancaño, Alicia Leal, Eduardo Roca “Choco”, Enrique Avila, Kamil Bullaudy, Jesús Lara, Juan Moreira, Maikel Herrera, Nelson Domínguez, Roberto Chile.

In the 2016 edition we have: Enrique Avila, Kamil Bullaudy, Jesús Lara, Maikel Herrera, Roberto Chile, José Fuster, Alex Castro, Francis Fernández Copola, José Omar Torres, Jorge César Sáenz, Andy Rivero, Yener Ulloa del Toro, Nelson Pérez García, Erig Rebull González, Arián García García.

In the edition of 2017 were present: Roberto Chile, Enrique Ávila, José Fuster, Kamyl Bullaudy, Diana Balboa, Carlos Aires (Tato), Agustín Calviño (Gólgota), Ernesto Domecq, Arian García García, Víctor Mora, Nancy Salgado, Alejandro Meruelo, Francis Fernández (Copola), Alain Navarro, Alberto Borroto, Alex Castro, Max.

In the 2018 edition were present: Carlos Aire (Tato), Victor Francisco Mora, Kamil Gullaudy, Alex Castro Soto del Valle,José Fuster, Arturo Suárez, Enrique Ávila, Agustin Calviño (Gólgota), Arián García, Alaín Navarro, Nelson Domínguez, Leafar,Diana Balboa, Roberto Chile, Eduardo Roca (Choco).

In the 2019 edition were present: Eduardo Roca “Choco, Enrique Avila, Kamil Bullaudy, Victor Francisco Mora, Alex Castro Soto del Valle, José Fuster, Arián García, Maisel López, and the collaboration of the Spanish artist Teresa Toscano.

* Prizes for the best times of Swimming, Cycling and Race must be Finisher. The first three and the first three of each age group will receive a trophy during the awards ceremony.

* The classification of the male and female age groups will be made according to the following table and always taking into account that the age group to which it belongs corresponds to the age of the participant on December 31 of the year that is disputed the proof:

18-19 20-24 25-29 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 60-64 65-69 70-74 and so on.n.

Material for all participants who finish the test in the established time.(FINISHER).

  • Certificate of the race, with the race time
  • Shirtand finisher medal.

The last edition we celebrate the I Rapid Painting Comeptition, where students of the San Alejandro’s National Academy of Fine Arts reflected scenes of the event



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