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Date: February 23rd, 2020 in Havana, Cuba will be held the 6th edition of the Havana Triathlon.

Official event of the calendar of the International Triathlon Union (ITU).

Sunday, February 23rd:

*PATCO  Middle Distance Triathlon Iberoamerican Championships

*Sprint and Middle Distance Popular Triathlon

*PATCO Triathlon Panamerican Cup.

Competition rules:

The Triathlon Havana is held by the rules of the International Triathlon Union. (ITU).



Provisional schedules.

Information Office – check in  21 february  10:00 – 17:00  Hotel Nacional
Information office – check in  22 february  10:00 – 17:00  Hotel Nacional
Yellow bags delivery at T2  22 february  10:00 – 17:00  Hotel Nacional
White bag and bike delivery at T1  22 february  12:00 – 17:00  Marina Hemingway
CAMTRI Triathlon American Cup  athlete’ briefing  21 february  18: 00  Hotel Nacional – Salón Vedado
Age group athlete’s briefing  21 february  14:30  Hotel Nacional – Salón Vedado
Middle Distance athlete’s briefing  21 february  14:00  Hotel Nacional – Salón Vedado
Start Male Age Group Sprint race Male  23 february  07:00 canal 3  Marina Hemingway
Start Male Age Group Sprint race Female  23 february  07:09 canal 3  Marina Hemingway
Start CAMTRI Middle Distance Elite Male  23 february  07:30 canal 2  Marina Hemingway
Start CAMTRI Middle Distance Elite Female  23 february  07:35 canal 2  Marina Hemingway
Start Age Group Middle Distance Male  23 february  07:40 canal 2  Marina Hemingway
Start Age Group Middle Distance Female  23 february  07: 43 canal 2  Marina Hemingway
Awards ceremony Middle Distance and Sprint Age Group  23 february  Al finalizar cada competición  Hotel Nacional
Start CAMTRI Triathlon American Cup Male  23 february  Pending to define  Marina Hemingway
Start CAMTRI Triathlon American Cup Female  23 february  Pending to define  Marina Hemingway
Awards ceremony CAMTRI Triathlon American Cup  23 february  Al finalizarla competición  Hotel Nacional


– 1 point of supply at the exit of the swimming.

– 5 in cycling: At the most distant point there will be a special place with water, fruit, energy drink, other stalls will only have bottled water.

– 3 in the race: At the most distant point there will be a special place with water, fruits, energy drink, other positions will only have bottled water.

– Every 2 km there will be a health post, and every 8 km there will be a checkpoint.

Antidoping Control: The anti-doping control will be carried out in accordance with ITU / WADA standards

CUT-OFF TIMES Sprint Popular – Maximum time to complete the event: 3 HOURS.

Middle  Distance Event Cut Off Times:

Stripping Area: Sprint athletes must place their bikes on the supports without outside help. Those of the Half Distance will have a volunteer who will be in charge of placing the bikes in the supports.

Mechanics for bike service: We will offer a mechanical for bicycle service, from 2 days before the free race. Located at Hemingway Marina, they will also provide care during the race. In T1 there will be a limited number of air pumps. If you bring yours you should give them to a friend or assistant before the competition starts because these pumps are not allowed inside your bag.

Physiotherapy Service: Sports physical therapy and massage service will be available to athletes after all careers in the recovery area.

Medical Services: Emergency medical services will be available to anyone who requires medical assistance during all hours of competition. The hotels have medical services on call.

Swimsuit: The use of neoprene is available to DT ITU, and its use may be limited by the expected temperatures of the water at that time.

Surface: The course is mostly flat with some light rolling hills.

WEATHER CONDITIONS                                                                

The climate in Cuba is a moderate subtropical climate with two distinct seasons. From November to April the dry season is given, which is less humid and somewhat cooler, with a high average temperature of between 21 and 28 ºC and an average of low temperatures of between 18 and 24 ºC; While in the summer months, the average temperature oscillates around 30ºC, with a slightly higher humidity.

In Cuba you can bathe on the beaches throughout the year as water temperatures range from 24 ° C (in February and March) to 28 ° C (from June to October).

Average weather behavior in February.

AIR TEMPERATURE (° C) ______ 22.9

WATER TEMPERATURE (° C) ______ 24.3

SUN HOURS ____________________ 11.4

RAINS (mm) _____________________38

DAYS OF RAIN ____________________4

% OF RELATIVE HUMIDITY ___________77.

Accreditation: The LOC will provide all coaches, technical officers, journalists, etc. An official accreditation card in accordance with the technical and operational requirements of the ITU, this credential must be collected before the competition on 21 and 22 from 10.00 – 17.00 at the Hotel Nacional. Only accredited persons will be able to access in specific areas of the areas of competence. All accredited persons are requested to carry their accreditation with them at all times and to show it to all those who request it.


The results will be published on the official ITU website: www.triathlon.org

All the results information will be distributed to the team leaders of the LOC Information Office.



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