The triathlete will receive a bracelet accreditation to be able to access the venue. The athlete must wear it during all the event. The timing of the race will be with an electronic system, timing personel will give all the athletes a timing chip to put in the left ankle, to collect all the results. Don’t forget return the timing chip after the race.

Each participant must sign the disclaimer and show an identification that can be photocopied.

The check-in will be held:

Date: Friday 24 and Saturday 25, February 2023.

Hours: 10.00 – 17.00

Address: Hotel Nacional Street O between 21/23, Vedado, La Habana

Event day race packsets will not be given

The competition will take place:

Sunday, February 26:

*Sprint Popular Triathlon

*PATCO Triathlon Panamerican Cup.

Your race pack will contain:

– Race number and swim cap (1).

– Identification bracelet (MUST ALWAYS TAKE IT).

– Backpack.

– Bags. (3). After Race, Bike, Run.

– Numbered stickers (1 for the bike + 3 for your helmet:front, and both sides).

– One chip and one chip holder to be placed on your ankle.


You will be given 3 bags. White, Blue, Yellow.

  • WHITE BAG (BIKE).It must contain the kit that you need for the discipline of the bike and will be delivered in T1 along with your bike the day before the event. Please tie the bag securely.
  • RED BAG (RUN):Must contain the kit that you need for the discipline of the Running on foot and will be delivered at the Marina Hemingway the day before the event near the T1. Exact site and method to be determined. Please tie the bag securely.
  • BLUE BAG (AFTER RACE).It should contain the kit that you need for once the event, such as dry clothes, hotel room key, medications, sealed recuperators, etc. and will be delivered on the day of the event, near the start of swimming.

Rucksacks, tire inflation pumps will NOT be accepted.

Please make sure your bags are marked with your race number and put the clothes in the appropriate bag

** Please do not put valuables, mobile phones, Ipods, cameras, watches, sunglasses on the bags. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the loss or breakage of any of these.

** All bags that are not collected at the end of the competition, may be picked up at the Cuban Triathlon Federation showing an identification and the race number. After a week they will be declared abandoned.



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